Proclamation, March 3, 1926

April 22, 2021

Purpose: Addition of lands to the Whitman National Forest Date: March 3, 1926 (Original document available here) Whereas, since the issuance of the proclamation of January 31, 1917, the boundaries of the Whitman National Forest, in Oregon, have been changed through transfer of the Minam National Forest thereto by Executive order of June 20, 1920; and […]

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Proclamation, September 30, 1925

April 21, 2021

Purpose: To adjust the boundaries of the Santa Barbara National Forest and to set aside a portion of land for eligible veterans of World War One.  Date: September 30, 1925 (Original document available here) Whereas, it appears that the public good will be promoted by excluding certain areas from the Santa Barbara National Forest, in the State […]

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