Calvin Coolidge Says, March 6, 1931

January 18, 2021

Date: March 6, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) With the close of the Congress many men in both parties retiring to private life will be missed because the knowledge and experience gained by long service made them extremely useful public servants. Few people seem to realize that politics is an art. While […]

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Contribution of the Norsemen to America

August 4, 2020

Title: Contribution of the Norsemen to America Date: June 8, 1925 Location: St. Paul, MN Context: President Coolidge is speaking about the contributions of Norsemen (Scandinavian) immigrants to the United States How often in the affairs of this world a small and apparently insignificant occurrence turns out to be an event of great importance, carrying […]

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