Calvin Coolidge Says, September 4, 1930

February 4, 2021

Date: September 4, 1930 Location: Northampton, MA Summary: Coolidge reflects on various investigations that the United States Senate is conducting into the use of campaign expenses. (Original document available here) The Senatorial committee investigating campaign expenses is not a dignified spectacle. After the Supreme Court decision that jurisdiction over nominations rests with the states, an […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, November 11, 1930

January 26, 2021

Date: November 11, 1930 Location: Northampton, MA Summary: Coolidge praises Democrats for declaring that they will not obstruct legislation but criticizes the way Congress has been acting. (Original document available here) The declaration of seven Democratic leaders that they do not propose to engage in obstruction is an encouraging feature in national politics. It has […]

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Press Conference, September 6, 1927

October 7, 2020

Date: September 6, 1927 Location: Rapid City, SD (Original document available here) I understand that the White House will be all ready for occupancy when we arrive back in Washington, so that it is my expectation that we shall go right there. I haven’t received any report from Senator Jones on any poll of the […]

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Press Conference, July 27, 1928

August 26, 2020

Date: July 27, 1928 Location: Superior, WI (Original document available here) I don’t know just what the State Department is planning as to a recognition of the Chinese Nationalist Government. Those details are in their hands and they haven’t sent me any information about it. I suppose that making the treaty with a government usually, […]

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