Press Conference, August 22, 1924

May 21, 2020

Date: August 22, 1924 Location: Plymouth Notch, VT (Original document available here) Everybody in? I have several inquiries here about a conference for further limitation of armaments. I spoke of that in detail, first in the address that I gave at the Associated Press meeting in New York in April, and I spoke of it […]

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The Farmer and the Nation

April 7, 2020

Title: The Farmer and the Nation Date: December 7, 1925 Location: Chicago, IL Context: Address before the annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation No one can travel across the vast area that lies between the Alleghenies and the Rockies without being thoroughly impressed with the enormous expansion of American agriculture. Other sections of our […]

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First Annual Message to the Congress

April 21, 2014

Title: First Annual Message to the Congress Date: December 6, 1923 Location: Washington, D.C. Context: Coming four months after his succession to the U.S. presidency following President Warren Harding’s death in office, President Coolidge’s first address to the U.S. Congress  Members of the Congress: Since the close of the last Congress the nation has lost […]

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