Press Conference, October 25, 1927

August 13, 2020

Date: October 25, 1927 Location: Washington, DC (Original document available here) There isn’t any further comment that I care to make regarding the action that is usually taken by the State Dept. relative to foreign loans. I don’t know just what is meant by this question, that some of the State Department is divided in […]

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Press Conference, March 18, 1927

July 22, 2020

Date: March 18, 1927 Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) We are planning to participate in the Economic Conference. The Congress passed a bill authorizing an appropriation for that purpose, but the appropriation bill that was to make that appropriation didn’t pass. It isn’t a large matter, probably $12,000 or $l5,000 and can be […]

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