Calvin Coolidge Says, December 6, 1930

December 15, 2020

Date: December 6, 1930 Location: Northampton, MA Summary: Article advocating for advertising. (Original document available here) When I was a boy in the hills of Vermont twelve miles from the railroad the only merchandise I saw was in the country store. But my horizon was widened by certain publications containing pictures and descriptions of things […]

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Press Conference, November 22, 1927

August 24, 2020

Date: November 22, 1927  Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) Ladies and Gentlemen: I doubt very much if it would be possible to secure the passage of a bill similar to that which was proposed by President Harding for a direct subsidy to shipping. I think there are some indirect things that it may […]

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Press Conference, September 10, 1926

July 30, 2020

Date: September 10, 1926 Location: White Pine Camp, NY (Original document available here) I am not giving special consideration to any form of farm relief legislation. I mean by that, any particular bill. I think it is quite unusual when a day passes that some proposal of one kind or another for farm relief legislation […]

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