The Coolidge Way

Using President Calvin Coolidge’s barometer for governmental do’s and don’ts, we’ll dive into today’s most important issues and chat about how Silent Cal might have handled them. The Coolidge Way is a production of The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

Episode 4: Prohibition – Marijuana, drugs and alcohol in Coolidge’s day—and now—are the topic of the fourth episode of The Coolidge Way. In this illicit episode, Governor James Douglas and special guests even cover the president’s personal experiences with those same substances—including, believe it or not, cocaine. Featuring Coolidge Foundation Chairman Amity Shlaes and Daniel Okrent, author of Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.

Episode 3: Civil Rights – In 2021 Americans are looking back and rating our presidents on the Civil Rights issue. In this episode we’re going to provide you the record on our own President Coolidge. Then you can decide what you think about where he fits in, as well as what you think about judging presidents from other eras generally. Featuring Jim Douglas and Kurt Schmoke.

Episode 2: The Importance of History Education – Having a solid knowledge of history is something that benefits every citizen. The victories, the defeats, the mistakes, even the relationships – they’re all shining examples that today’s citizens can use to create a better world, and it all starts in one primary location: the classroom. Our discussion about history education is on this episode of The Coolidge Way. Featuring Alan Lowe, Charles Flanagan and Jared Rhoads.

Episode 1: How to Exit – Transitioning from one White House administration to another has always been a tricky process, and some are a little more difficult than others as we just experienced. With so many questions, we can thankfully look to our 30th President for a little guidance and perspective. Our discussion about Political Civility is on this episode of The Coolidge Way. Featuring Jim Douglas, Amity Shlaes and Alan Lowe.