Calvin Coolidge Says, June 27, 1931

January 12, 2021

Date: June 27, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA Summary: Calvin Coolidge describes the negative effects of requiring other governments to pay hefty reparations and the need for world peace.  (Original document available here) Whatever else may be involved, two lessons seem obvious from the present condition of ourselves and the rest of the world. The immediate crisis […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, June 16, 1931

January 7, 2021

Date: June 16, 1931 Location: Marion, OH (Original document available here) An ambitious proposal is being made for adopting a ten-year plan for operating this country. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. But we should not let words supplant ideas. We have the most complete plans already that any nation ever possessed. A system of transportation […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, June 1, 1931

January 4, 2021

Date: June 1, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) The keynote both at a recent meeting of steel men and at a later convention of the Foreign Trade Council was the criticism of wholesale selling of manufactured commodities below cost. Profitless merchandising was denounced. Resistance to price cutting and maintenance of prices were urged. […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, July 21, 1930

December 31, 2020

Date: July 21, 1930 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) No one can tell just how high or how low the price of commodities will go. When they are much above the cost of production it is probable they will be cheaper. When they are well below that line probably they will be higher. At […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, February 3, 1931

December 16, 2020

Date: February 3, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA Summary: Coolidge endorses recent efforts by major companies to pause firings as a solution to the nation’s economic difficulties. (Original document available here) Months ago one of these dispatches suggested it would help business if large employers would make it known that no more employees would now be discharged. When […]

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