Is it time for Coolidge? Civility. Thrift. Restrained government. A balanced federal budget. Stable money. Restrained foreign policy. Respect for commerce. Respect for teachers. Respect for faith. Respect for the presidency. Respect for traditional federalism. These were the values of the thirtieth president.

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Calvin Coolidge: the Best President You Don’t Know

Americans today place enormous pressure on presidents to “do something”…anything, to get the economy going. There was one president, though, Calvin Coolidge, who did “nothing” — other than shrink government. What happened? America’s economy boomed. Is there a lesson to be learned? Award-winning author, historian, and biographer Amity Shlaes thinks so.

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Remembering Coolidge’s First State of the Union Address

Coolidge delivered his first and only in-person State of the Union address on December 6, 1923. This was his first address to a joint session of Congress since ascending to the presidency in the wake of President Harding’s death, and Coolidge led with remarks praising President Harding for his service to our country.

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Coolidge vs Reagan Debate

C-SPAN to Air “Coolidge vs. Reagan” Debate

Tune into C-SPAN3’s American History TV this Sunday, January 3, at 8:00 PM ET to view our “Coolidge vs. Reagan” debate from last October at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

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