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Primary Sources– You can find below a selection of primary sources relating to Coolidge, his life, and his administration. View a wide selection of speeches, letters, legislation, and writings.

Speeches – Browse Calvin Coolidge’s notable speeches, from his first speech given at his high school’s commencement ceremony to his numerous addresses as President. Search our selection or volunteer as a Coolidge Scribe today!

Press Conferences – During his six years in the White House Calvin Coolidge gave more in-person press conferences than any American president, before or since. The Coolidge Foundation is working to digitize all of them. Search our collection or volunteer as a Coolidge Scribe today!

Veto Messages  – During his presidency, Coolidge rejected 50 bills, most of which were pocket vetoes. However, he returned 20 regular vetoes to Congress, which included messages that you can view here.

Letters  – Calvin Coolidge wrote and received hundred of letters throughout his life, many of which survive thanks to the diligent archival work of libraries like the Vermont Historical Society and the Library of Congress.

Proclamations – Browse our collection of Coolidge’s presidential proclamations, covering things such as the death of President Harding, calls for holiday celebration, executive directives, and more.

Calvin Coolidge Says – A few years after retiring from the presidency, Calvin Coolidge wrote a syndicated newspaper column between June 30, 1930 and June 29, 1931. These commentaries are a rare example of a former president weighing in on current events after leaving the White House.

Publications – View the Coolidge Foundation’s publications including the Coolidge Quarterly, the Real Calvin Coolidge, and the Coolidge Blog.

Quotations – Notable quotes by Calvin Coolidge. Organized by topic.

Secondary Sources– You can find below a variety of secondary sources relating to President Coolidge and his era.

Coolidge Quarterly – A print and digital publication on the life, times, and legacy of President Coolidge.

Research Articles and Lecture Notes – Research and commentary on Calvin Coolidge and his world.

Coolidge Footage – Watch original footage of the Coolidges, including scenes of the first family at the White House, Col. John Coolidge at the homestead in Plymouth Notch, Mrs. Coolidge visiting a Marine Corps camp, and President Coolidge arriving at Mt. Rushmore on horseback.

Videos – View our selection of informational videos on Calvin Coolidge, including the Coolidge Foundation’s webinar series and full reading of the Coolidge Autobiography.

The Coolidge Connection – Listen to original interviews with people connected to Calvin Coolidge, his wife Grace, or their family.

The Coolidge Way – A seven-part podcast series on the importance of the Coolidge legacy in today’s political environment.

About Calvin Coolidge – Learn about Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States.

About Grace Coolidge – Learn about First Lady Grace Coolidge.

Artifacts – Browse pictures and descriptions of artifacts relating to Coolidge’s life and political career.

Bibliography – View bibliographies related to Calvin Coolidge and Warren Harding.

Coolidge Library Supporters – This page is designed to thank and honor our Scribes, library donors, and partner institutions.