President Coolidge’s Veto Messages

Vetoed Bill Date Veto Fate Edited by:
S.5, Veteran Pension Increase May 3, 1924 Sustained Carolyn Ledewitz
S.1898, Postal Service Salaries June 7, 1924 Unchallenged J Mitchell Rushing
H.R.7959, Veteran Compensation May 15, 1924 Overridden David McCann
S.2338 May 14, 1926 Unchallenged
S.4152, Oil and Gas Mining Leases July 2, 1926 Unchallenged Frank Harder
S.2301, Shoshone Tribal Court Claims January 28, 1927 Unchallenged Nicholas Jose Tenuto
S.4808, Farm Relief February 25, 1927 Unchallenged David Diao
H.R.8550, National Defense Act Amendment April 28, 1928 Unchallenged Kelly Hess
H.R.7752, War Department Supplies May 17, 1928 Unchallenged Kelly Hess
S.1480, Native American Tribal Claims May 18, 1928 Unchallenged Harrison Dal Ponte
S.3674, Road Funds May 18, 1928 Sustained David Diao
H.R.167, Cowlitz Tribal Claims May 18, 1928 Unchallenged Frank Harder
H.R.4664, Relief For Capt. George R. Armstrong May 18, 1928 Unchallenged Kelly Hess
H.R.5681, Postal Service Pay May 18, 1928 Overridden J Mitchell Rushing
H.R.7900, Postal Service Allowances May 18, 1928 Overridden Kelly Hess
H.R.10139, Relief for Edmund F. Hubbard May 18, 1928 Unchallenged Kelly Hess
H.R. 11026, Coordination of Government Public Health Activities May 18, 1928 Unchallenged John Ferrell
S.750 May 22, 1928 Sustained
S.777 May 22, 1928 Overridden David McCann
S.3555, Surplus Control May 23, 1928 Sustained Robert Manchester