Veto of S 1480, May 18, 1928

Date: May 18, 1928

Bill Vetoed: S. 1480. To allow Indian tribes to present claims to land and hunting and fishing rights to the Court of Claims

Fate of Veto: Unchallenged

(Original document available here)

To the Senate:

I am returning herewith Senate bill 1480, “An act authorizing certain Indian tribes and bands, or any of them, residing in the State of Washington, to present their claims to the Court of Claims,” without my approval.

These claims amount to approximately $9,125,000, which represents the value of 6,500,000 acres of land, in the aboriginal possession of the Indians, at $1.25 per acre, and includes hunting and fishing rights to the value of $1,000,000. These claims are not based upon any treaty or agreement between the United States and these Indians, nor does it appear to me that they are predicated upon such other grounds as should obligate the Government at this late day to defend a suit of this character. The Government should not be required to adjudicate these claims of ancient origin unless there be such evidence of unmistakable merit in the claims as would create an obligation on the part of the Government to admit them to adjudication. It seems to me that such evidence is lacking.

I am constrained, therefore, to withhold my approval of this bill.

Citation: Proceedings and Debates of the First Session of the Seventieth Congress of the United States of America

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Harrison Dal Ponte who prepared this document for digital publication.

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