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Speech Date Location
Address at the Commencement at George Washington University February 22, 1929 Washington, DC
Bok Tower Address February 1, 1929 Lake Wales, FL
Address at the Sixteenth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government January 28, 1929 Washington, DC
Address before the International Aeronautics Conference December 12, 1928 Washington, DC
Pan American Conference on Arbitration and Conciliation December 10, 1928 Washington, DC
Sixth Annual Message to the Congress of the United States December 4, 1928 Washington, DC
Address before the National Grange Convention November 16, 1928 Washington, DC
Address at the Observance of the Tenth Anniversary of the Armistice under the Auspices of the American Legion November 11, 1928 Washington, DC
Address at Presentation of Medal to Thomas A. Edison October 20, 1928 Washington, DC
Dedicating the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battle Fields Memorial October 19, 1928 Fredericksburg, VA
Address before the General Convention of the Episcopal Church October 10, 1928 Washington, DC
Vermont is a State I Love September 21, 1928 Bennington, VT
Dedicating a Memorial to Colonel William Colvill July 29, 1928 Cannon Falls, MN
Address at the Fifteenth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government June 11, 1928 Washington, DC
Address at Gettysburg Battlefield May 30, 1928 Gettysburg, PA
Address at the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of Phillips Academy May 19, 1928 Andover, MA
Address at a Joint Meeting of the American Federation of Arts and American Association of Museums May 16, 1928 Washington, DC
Address before the Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution April 16, 1928 Washington, DC
Accepting the Statue of President Andrew Jackson April 15, 1928 Washington, DC
Dedication of the New Building of the National Press Club February 4, 1928 Washington, DC
Address at the Fourteenth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government January 30, 1928 Washington, DC
Address before Pan American Conference January 16, 1928 Havana, Cuba
Fifth Annual Message December 6, 1927 Washington, DC
1927 Budget Message December 5, 1927 Washington, DC
Dedication of the New Mexico Stone in the Washington Monument December 2, 1927 Washington, DC
Address before the Union League of Philadelphia November 17, 1927 Philadelphia, PA
Address at the Awarding to Col. Charles A. Lindbergh by the National Geographic Society of the Hubbard Medal November 14, 1927 Washington, DC
Address Accepting the Monument of Gen. George Gordon Meade October 19, 1927 Washington, DC
Annual Observance of Founder’s Day at Carnegie Institute October 13, 1927 Pittsburgh, PA
Opening Meeting of the International Radiotelegraph Conference October 4, 1927 Washington, DC
Annual Meeting of the American Red Cross October 3, 1927 Washington, DC
Calvin Coolidge’s Speech at Mount Rushmore August 10, 1927 Keystone, SD
Dedicating Wicker Memorial Park to World War Veterans June 14, 1927 Hammond, IN
First International Congress of Soil Science June 13, 1927 Washington, DC
Lindbergh: Welcoming Home Speech, Washington Monument June 11, 1927 Washington, DC
Address at the Thirteenth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government June 10, 1927 Washington, DC
Memorial Exercises at Arlington, Virginia May 30, 1927 Arlington, VA
Annual Session of the American Medical Association May 17, 1927 Washington, DC
Third Pan American Commercial Conference May 3, 1927 Washington, DC
Dinner of the United Press at New York City April 25, 1927 New York, NY
Message to the Senate Returning Without Approval S.4808— The McNary- Haugen Farm Relief Bill February 25, 1927 Washington, DC
Address before the Congress Sitting in Joint Session in the House of Representatives February 22, 1927 Washington, DC
Address at the Twelfth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government January 29, 1927 Washington, DC
Intervention in Nicaragua January 10, 1927 Washington, DC
Address at the 150th Anniversary of the Battles of Trenton and Princeton December 29, 1926 Trenton, NJ
Armistice Day Address, Dedication of the Liberty Memorial at Kansas City November 11, 1926 Kansas City, MO
American Association of the Advertising Agencies October 27, 1926 Washington, DC
Address to the American Red Cross October 4, 1926 Washington, DC
The Inspiration of the Declaration July 5, 1926 Philadelphia, PA
Address at the Eleventh Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government June 21, 1926 Washington, DC
Ways to Peace May 31, 1926 Arlington, VA
John Ericsson Statue Dedication May 29, 1926 Washington, DC
Address at William & Mary College May 15, 1926 Williamsburg, VA
Training Youth for Character May 1, 1926 Washington, DC
The New Responsibilities of Women April 19, 1926 Washington, DC
Journalism in the New World April 8, 1926 Washington, DC
Department of Superintendence of the National Education Association February 22, 1926 Washington, DC
Address at the Tenth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government January 30, 1926 Washington, DC
The Farmer and the Nation December 7, 1925 Chicago, IL
Third Annual Message to Congress December 8, 1925 Washington, DC
Government and Business November 19, 1925 New York, NY
José de San Martin, Latin-American Liberator October 28, 1925 Washington, DC
Address before the Forty-Second International Convention of the Young Men’s Christian Association of the United States and Canada October 24, 1925 Washington, DC
Annual Council of the Congregational Churches October 20, 1925 Washington, DC
Toleration and Liberalism October 6, 1925 Omaha, NE
A Free Republic September 25, 1925 Philadelphia, PA
Address at the Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of George Washington Taking Command of the Continental Army July 3, 1925 Cambridge, MA
Address at the Ninth Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government June 22, 1925 Washington, DC
Contribution of the Norsemen to America June 8, 1925 Minnesota State Fairgrounds, MN
The Navy as an Instrument of Peace June 3, 1925 Annapolis, MD
The Reign of Law May 30, 1925 Arlington National Cemetery
The Spiritual Unification of America May 3, 1925 Washington, DC
Inaugural Address March 4, 1925 Washington, DC
The Press Under a Free Government January 17, 1925 Washington, DC
The Duties of Citizenship November 3, 1924 Washington, DC
Discriminating Benevolence October 26, 1924 Washington, DC
The Genius of America October 16, 1924 Washington, DC
Religion and the Republic October 15, 1924 Washington, DC
Patriotism in Time of Peace October 4, 1924 Washington, DC
Good Sportsmanship October 1, 1924 Washington, DC
Address on the Anniversary of the First Continental Congress September 25, 1924 Philadelphia, PA
Authority and Religious Liberty September 21, 1924 Washington, DC
Ordered Liberty and World Peace September 6, 1924 Baltimore, MD
The High Place of Labor September 1, 1924 Washington, DC
Equality of Rights August 9, 1924 Washington, DC
What it Means to be a Boy Scout July 25, 1924 Washington, DC
Education: the Cornerstone of Self-Government July 4, 1924 Washington, DC
Address at the Seventh Regular Meeting of the Business Organization of the Government June 30, 1924 Washington, DC
The Progress of a People June 6, 1924 Howard University
Freedom and its Obligations May 30, 1924 Arlington, Virginia
The United Nation May 25, 1924 Arlington, Virginia
The Democracy of Sports May 22, 1924 Washington, DC
Message to the House of Representatives Returning Without Approval a Bill Providing for Adjusted Compensation for War Veterans May 15, 1924 Washington, DC
Dedication of the Arizona State Stone in the Washington Monument April 15, 1924 Washington, DC
Appeal to Women to Vote to Protect the Nation April 14, 1924 Washington, DC
First Annual Message to the Congress December 6, 1923 Washington, DC
President Coolidge’s Appeal to Americans to Relieve Distress in Japanese Earthquake September 3, 1923 Washington, DC
Statement on the Death of Warren G. Harding August 3, 1923 Plymouth, VT
Vice President
The Things That Are Unseen June 19, 1923 Norton, MA
The Green Mountains June 12, 1923 Burlington, VT
The Destiny of America May 30, 1923 Northampton, MA
The Old North Church April 18, 1923 Boston, MA
William McKinley April 17, 1923 Cambridge, MA
The Foundation of Our Institutions April 13, 1923 Albany, NY
Progress Towards Freedom February 12, 1923 Tuskegee, AL
Massachusetts and the Nation February 2, 1923 Washington, DC
The Price of Freedom January 21, 1923 Evanston, IL
1922 Christmas Eve Message December 24, 1922 Washington, DC
The Needs of Education December 21, 1922 Reynoldsville, PA
The Limitations of the Law August 10, 1922 San Francisco, CA
The Meaning of Democracy August 2, 1922 Wellesley Hills, MA
Great Virginians July 6, 1922 Fredericksburg, VA
The Instruments of Progress June 7, 1922 Washington, DC
Speech Before the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools May 6, 1922 New Haven, CT
Ulysses S. Grant April 27, 1922 Washington, DC
The Purpose of America February 22, 1922 Baltimore, MD
The Place of Lincoln February 12, 1922 Springfield, IL
Our Heritage From Hamilton January 11, 1922 Chicago, IL
The Title of American October 31, 1921 Kansas City, MS
The Power of the Moral Law October 11, 1921 Springfield, MA
Thought, the Master of Things July 7, 1921 Philadelphia, PA
The Banks and the People June 29, 1921 New York, NY
Andrew Carnegie: Organizer for Service April 28, 1921 Pittsburgh, PA
Inaugural Address as Vice President March 4, 1921 Washington, DC
Theodore Roosevelt January 23, 1921 New York, NY
Law and Order January 23, 1921 New York, NY
Address on the Return of State Guard Flags December 23, 1920 Boston, MA
The Pilgrims December 21, 1920 Plymouth, MA
President and Vice-President Electors Proclamation December 8, 1920 Boston, MA
The Supports of Civilization November 27, 1920 New York, NY
Hunting Suspension Proclamation October 23, 1920 Boston, MA
Fire Prevention Day Proclamation September 10, 1920 Boston, MA
Women’s Vote Registration Proclamation September 2, 1920 Boston, MA
Accepting The Republican Vice-Presidential Nomination July 27, 1920 Northampton, MA
Harvard Commencement Address June 24, 1920 Cambridge, MA
Flag Day Proclamation June 1, 1920 Boston, MA
Food Supply Proclamation May 20, 1920 Boston, MA
A Message to the Legislature of Massachusetts Accompanying the Governor’s Veto May 6, 1920 Boston, MA
National Thrift Week Proclamation January 16, 1920 Boston, MA
Address to the General Court beginning the 2nd year as Governor of Massachusetts January 8, 1920 Boston, MA
Statement on Street Railway Legislation December 13, 1919 Boston, MA
Message Relative to Legislation to Be Considered at Special Session November 18, 1919 Boston, MA
Statement to the Press November 4, 1919 Boston, MA
Speech at Tremont Temple November 1, 1919 Boston, MA
Concerning Teachers’ Salaries October 29, 1919 Boston, MA
Opening the Conference on the High Cost of Living October 24, 1919 Boston, MA
Williams College October 17, 1919 Williamstown, MA
Republican State Convention October 4, 1919 Boston, MA
Display of Belgian Flag Proclamation October 1, 1919 Boston, MA
A Proclamation September 24, 1919 Boston, MA
A Telegram to Samuel Gompers September 14, 1919 Boston, MA
A Proclamation September 11, 1919 Boston, MA
An Order to the Police Commissioner of Boston September 11, 1919 Boston, MA
Westfield September 3, 1919 Westfield, MA
Plymouth, Labor Day September 1, 1919 Plymouth, MA
Holy Cross College June 25, 1919 Worcester, MA
Harvard University Commencement June 19, 1919 Cambridge, MA
Amherst College Commencement June 18, 1919 Amherst, MA
Address On Occasion of Return of Flags Carried by Troops in the World War June 14, 1919 Springfield, MA
Message Relative to Establishing a Special Commission on the Necessaries of Life June 13, 1919 Boston, MA
Message on Reimbursing Certain Public Officials Because of Injuries June 5, 1919 Boston, MA
Flag Day Proclamation May 26, 1919 Boston, MA
Statement on the Parade Held by the 26th Division April 25, 1919 Boston, MA
Boston Parade of the 26th Division Proclamation April 18, 1919 Boston, MA
Arbor and Bird Day Proclamation, 1919 April 5, 1919 Boston, MA
Statement Relative to the Ninety-Eight Anniversary of the Establishment of Greece March 27, 1919 Boston, MA
Communication on Proper Care of Returning Soldiers March 25, 1919 Boston, MA
Message on the European Corn-Borer March 21, 1919 Boston, MA
Introducing Henry Cabot Lodge and A. Lawrence Lowell at the Debate on the League of Nations March 19, 1919 Boston, MA
Message Relative to a Parade for the Twenty-Sixth Division March 17, 1919 Boston, MA
Be Kind to Animals Week Proclamation March 10, 1919 Boston, MA

Address on Productive Employment of Veterans

March 4, 1919 Washington, DC

Message on the Preference in the Civil Service to Veterans

February 27, 1919 Boston, MA
President Wilson Visit Proclamation February 21, 1919 Boston, MA
Statement Relative to Assisting Discharged Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in Securing Employment February 5, 1919 Boston, MA
Veto of Salary Increase February 4, 1919 Boston, MA
Lincoln Day Proclamation January 30, 1919 Boston, MA
Polish Day Proclamation January 17, 1919 Boston, MA
Statement Urging Public Building and Courage in Business Activity January 13, 1919 Boston, MA
Welcoming Returning Soldiers January 9, 1919 Boston, MA
Statement on the Death of Theodore Roosevelt January 6, 1919 Boston, MA
From Inaugural Address as Governor January 2, 1919 Boston, MA
Early Speeches
Faneuil Hall November 4, 1918 Boston, MA
Tremont Temple November 2, 1918 Boston, MA
Essex Country Club September 14, 1918 Lynnfield, MA
Written for the Sunday Advertiser and American September 1, 1918 Boston, MA
Somerville Republican City Committee August 7, 1918 Somerville, MA
Fairhaven July 4, 1918 Fairhaven, MA
Roxbury Historical Society June 17, 1918 Roxbury, MA
Message for the Boston Post April 22, 1918 Boston, MA
Amherst Alumni Dinner March 15, 1918 Springfield, MA
Dedication of Town-House November 27, 1917 Weston, MA
Tremont Temple November 3, 1917 Boston, MA
Associated Industries Dinner December 15, 1916 Boston, MA
100th Anniversary Dinner of the Provident Institution for Savings December 13, 1916 Boston, MA
Public Meeting on the Hight Cost of Living December 9, 1916 Boston, MA
Norfolk Republican Club October 9, 1916 Boston, MA
Lafayette Banquet September 4, 1916 Fall River, MA
At the Home of Augustus P. Gardner September 1, 1916 Hamilton, MA
Riverside August 28, 1916 Riverside, MA
At the Home of Daniel Webster July 4, 1916 Marshfield, MA
Brockton Chamber of Commerce April 11, 1916 Brockton, MA
Amherst College Alumni Association February 4, 1916 Boston, MA
On the Nature of Politics May 12, 1915 Boston, MA
Have Faith in Massachusetts January 7, 1914 Boston, MA
A Prize Essay March 9, 1905 Amherst, MA
Grove Oration June 1, 1895 Amherst, MA
The Principles Fought for in the American Revolution December 1, 1894 Amherst, MA
Oratory in History May 1, 1890 Ludlow, VT