Volunteer: Coolidge Speech Project

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The Coolidge Foundation is building a digital archive of the speeches and press conferences of Calvin Coolidge. We need your help; sign-up using the form below to volunteer! As a volunteer “Coolidge Scribe” you will help edit and classify Coolidge’s speeches, and in the process play an important role preserving presidential history. You will also be sharing Silent Cal’s wisdom and timeless values with generations of Americans to come. All volunteers will receive recognition on the Coolidge Speech Digitization Project webpage next to the speech(es) they help prepare for online publication.

After you sign-up using the form below, you will receive an email from William Pettinger with a speech assignment and further instructions. The work is very important, though hopefully not overly taxing. Our “Style Guide,” will give you a sense of the duties of a volunteer Coolidge Scribe.

Should you have any questions prior to signing up to volunteer, please contact William Pettinger, at wpettinger@coolidgefoundation.org. Thank you very much!