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Welcome to the Gateway for All Things Coolidge.

This Resource Center is home to a wealth of digitized resources, providing students, teachers, scholars and visitors the opportunity to research, reflect and report on the Coolidge legacy.

Immerse yourself in Coolidge-era America. Explore the documents, images, and speeches of the Coolidge Presidency. Discover the wit and wisdom of Silent Cal.  Experience the story of Calvin Coolidge, and understand why Coolidge still matters.

“The story of Calvin Coolidge is a lesson for every American and for those across the seas, of hope and realization; that America is a country of law, order and opportunity; that success and happiness come to one, not because of what is around him, family, fashion and fortune, but because of what is in him, not for what he has, but for what he is; and that there is no end to the path upwards when uncommon sense, fidelity, preparation and Providence walk hand in hand.” – Washburn, R.M., Calvin Coolidge; His First Biography     

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  1. Mark Collins

    Do you have an inventory of the books owned by Calvin and his wife, Grace Coolidge?

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