The Coolidge Connection

The Coolidge Connection captures stories about President Coolidge and his family by interviewing people who knew Calvin, his wife Grace, or their children. We hope these interviews add a personal element to knowledge about Coolidge, his family, and his legacy. Explore the following episodes to learn more!

Jennifer Coolidge Harville: The great-granddaughter of our 30th President, Jennifer discusses memories of her grandparents John and Florence Coolidge, stories about our 30th President, her own experiences as a presidential descendant, and much more.

John Dumville: Dr. Dumville began working on preservation at Plymouth Notch in 1979, where he first met John and Florence Coolidge. He shares his memories of meeting the President’s son, describes their work to preserve Calvin Coolidge’s legacy, and speaks to the outstanding life of John Coolidge, among many other interesting stories.

John Sayles: A great-grandson of Calvin Coolidge, and brother to Jennifer Coolidge Harville, John Sayles shares stories of his childhood summers spent in Plymouth Notch, and fondly recalls memories of his grandfather, John Coolidge.

Jim Cooke: A long-time Coolidge impersonator, Jim Cooke recalls his acquaintance with John Coolidge, describes his process for faithfully representing Calvin Coolidge, and offers his unique perspective on Coolidge after being immersed in his character for thirty years.

Christopher Jeter: A great grandson of Calvin Coolidge, Mr. Jeter recalls memories of his grandparents, John and Florence Coolidge, shares little-known details about Calvin Coolidge, and touches on his deep connection to the family land in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.