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The Coolidge Quarterly is the Foundation’s publication that provides long-form examinations of all things Coolidge. You can subscribe to the print version of the Coolidge Quarterly here. View the archive of Coolidge Quarterly volumes here.

News From the Notch

News From the Notch is the Coolidge Foundation’s e-Blast, designed to keep you connected and up-to-date on all the activities of the Foundation. We encourage you to contribute to News from the Notch! Share stories, photos, tips, or tidbits for inclusion. Please forward the e-blast to a friend! Click here to subscribe to News From the Notch, and head over to our website to access the News From the Notch Archive.

The Real Calvin Coolidge

The Real Calvin Coolidge is a series of booklets published by the Coolidge Foundation from 1983 to 2005. Comprised of eighteen volumes, The Real Calvin Coolidge offers insights into the life of our thirtieth president, and features a variety of articles written by historians, Plymouth Notch locals, Coolidge family members, and others who knew and were influenced by Coolidge. Earlier issues even featured commentary by the president’s wife, Grace Coolidge. View the full archive of the Real Calvin Coolidge here.

Coolidge Blog

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