Research Articles and Lecture Notes

This page archives research done into the life and legacy of President Coolidge before the establishment of the digital Coolidge Quarterly.

1998 Symposium at the JFK Presidential Library

50th Anniversary Symposium at the JFK Presidential Library

Jerry Wallace The Inauguration of Calvin Coolidge as Vice President of the United States, March 4, 1921: A Centennial Remembrance 3/31/2021
Cyndy Bittinger Calvin and Grace Coolidge: Helping the Disabled 2006
Cyndy Bittinger First Ladies in the 1920s 4/22/2006
Cyndy Bittinger Grace Coolidge: The Unknown Humanitarian
Cyndy Bittinger Grace Coolidge & July 4th 6/12/2006
Cyndy Bittinger Notes on The Hometown Coolidge Club and the Campaign of 1924   2001
Hendrik Booraem V Calvin Coolidge Prize Essay
Hendrik Booraem V Coolidge the Victim
Hendrik Booraem V Victoria Josephine Moor Coolidge
Charles C. Buell Charles Evans Hughes
Rosanne Butler “It Was a Great Occasion” Calvin Coolidge Comes to Williamsburg  2001
Jim Cooke The 75th Anniversary of Mount Rushmore 8/10/2002
Carthon W. Davis III Coolidge in Virginia, Thanksgiving 1928
Jim Douglas Dedication of the President Calvin Coolidge Museum and Education Center  8/7/2010
Charles F. Downs II Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Morrow, and the Air Commerce Act 6/26/2001
Robert H. Ferrell Coolidge and the Harding Scandals
Bernard J. Fleury Calvin Coolidge: Man of the Great Generation
Robert E. Gilbert Response to Booraem’s “Coolidge the Victim”
Frank Greene The Day Harding Died
Peter Hannaford A New Look at Calvin Coolidge 8/5/2001
Donald E. Harpster Let Freedom Ring 7/1/2001
William Harris Coolidge on Classics 
Ellyn R. Kern Calvin Coolidge and Summer White Houses   2002
Robert P. Kirby Coolidge Prosperity Gave America the Reserve to Weather the Great Depression 10/7/2012
Andrew T. Kostanecki President Calvin Coolidge: Why his thinking matters today 10/9/2008
John Krumdick Charles Dawes
Patrick J. Leahy In Commemoration of President Calvin Coolidge  8/3/2010
Amity Shlaes The ‘Scrooge’ Who Begat Plenty 2/12/2014
Thomas K. Slayton A Dedication to Calvin Coolidge 8/7/2010
Cal Thomas Silent Cal Speaks: Why Calvin Coolidge is the Model for Conservative Leadership Today
Jerry L. Wallace The Ku Klux Klan in Calvin Coolidge’s America 12/31/2012
Jerry L. Wallace 75th Anniversary of Calvin Coolidge’s Inauguration: March 4, 1925 3/4/2000
Jerry L. Wallace Thoughts on Calvin Coolidge: Living On in the Public Memory  5/14/2001
Jerry L. Wallace Thoughts on Calvin Coolidge: Politician and Office Holder  8/31/2007