Calvin Coolidge Says, August 15, 1930

December 14, 2020

Date: August 15, 1930 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) The right to vote is the very essence to self-government. It is a privilege we are too prone to assume is self-existent, and therefore unimportant. It is the foundation of our liberties. If this source be defiled, the whole body politic becomes contaminated. At […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, August 8, 1930

December 10, 2020

Date: August 8, 1930 Location: Plymouth, VT (Original document available here) Because of an endless struggle against the elements for the necessities of existence, it is natural to place great emphasis on material prosperity. While that attitude is proper and wise, we still should keep in mind that wealth is not an end but a […]

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Department of Superintendence of the National Education Association

August 4, 2020

Title: Department of Superintendence of the National Education Association Date: February 22, 1926 Location: Washington, D.C. Context: President Coolidge addresses superintendents of the National Education Association Ladies and Gentlemen: It is doubtful if anyone outside of certain great religious teachers ever so thoroughly impressed himself on the heart of humanity as has George Washington. No […]

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Training Youth for Character

May 20, 2020

Title: Training Youth for Character Date: May 1, 1926 Location: Washington, D.C. Context: Address before the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America The strength and hope of civilization lies in its power to adapt itself to changing circumstances. Development and character are not passive accomplishments. They can be secured only through action. The […]

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Dedication of Town-House

April 24, 2014

Title: Dedication of Town-House, Weston Date: November 27, 1917 Location: Weston, Massachusetts (Original document available here) I was interested to come out here and take part in the dedication of this beautiful building in part because my ancestors had lived in this locality in times gone past, but more especially because I am interested in the town governments […]

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