Press Conference, February 21, 1928

September 22, 2020

Date: February 21, 1928 Location: Washington, DC (Original document available here) I am attempting to lend what assistance I can to the problem of flood control through the Engineering Department and through conference with various members of the House and Senate that are particularly interested in it. I am afraid the present bill that has […]

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Press Conference, January 20, 1928

August 13, 2020

Date: January 20, 1928 Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) There have been a number of names presented as suggestions for appointment to succeed Justice Hoehling of the District Supreme Court. There is a man named Atkin or Adkins, District Attorney Gordon, and several others – I don’t recall them all. There is nothing […]

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Address before Pan American Conference

April 24, 2014

Title: Address before Pan American Conference Date: January 16, 1928 Location: Havana, Cuba (Original document available here) Mr. President and members of the Pan American Conference: No citizen of any of the Americas could come to the queen of the islands of the West Indies without experiencing an emotion of gratitude and reverence. These are the outposts of […]

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