Press Conference, September 29, 1925

June 16, 2020

Date: September 29, 1925 Location: Washington, D.C. (Original document available here) I don’t recall that any report has come to me of a survey of the United States Employees Compensation Commission, and I don’t know of any plan that is pending now for its absorption by the Pension Bureau or any other agency of the […]

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Proclamation Upon the Death of Woodrow Wilson

April 23, 2014

Title: Eulogy and Proclamation Upon the Death of Woodrow Wilson Date: February 3, 1924 Location: Washington, DC (Original document available here) To the People of the United States: The death of Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States from March 4, 1913, to March 4, 1921, which occurred at 11:15 o’clock today at his home at Washington, […]

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