Coolidge Webinars

Author In Chief: Virtual Discussion with Craig Fehrman

Featuring: Craig Fehrman and Gov. Jim Douglas

October 21, 2020

Constitutional Respite: The Inspiration of the Declaration

Featuring: Dr. Tom Tacoma, Gov. Jim Douglas, and Tracy Messer

June 25, 2020

Calvin Coolidge & Civil Rights

Featuring: Hon. Kurt Schmoke and Amity Shlaes

June 10, 2020

Calvin Coolidge & the 1924 Election

Featuring: Garland S. Tucker III and Amity Shlaes

June 4, 2020

1920: The Year of Six Presidents

Featuring: David Pietrusza and Amity Shlaes

May 28, 2020

Did Coolidge Cause the Great Depression?

Featuring: Amity Shales and Matt Denhart

May 21, 2020

Calvin Coolidge & the 1918 Influenza

Featuring: Jared Rhoads

May 18, 2020