Coolidge Chronology

Nominated for Vice-president

The Coolidge Family hearing the news that Calvin Coolidge has been selected by the Republican Party to be a Vice Presidential nominee with Warren Harding as the Presidential nominee, 1920, Northampton, MA.”Massachusetts did not present my name (at the GOP convention of 1920), because my friends knew I did not want to be vice president, but Judge Wallace McCamant of Oregon placed me in nomination and was quickly seconded by North Dakota and some other states. I received about three-quarters of the votes cast. When this honor came to me I was pleased to accept, and it was especially agreeable to be associated with Senator Harding, whom I knew well and liked.” McCamant had received a copy of Have Faith in Massachusetts by Calvin Coolidge. He said, “I was impressed with Governor Coolidge’s sterling Americanism, his fine spirit during the World War, the soundness of his thinking, and the conservative trend of his thoughts.”

The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge, p.148.