Grace Coolidge Timeline

January 2008
Cyndy Bittinger, Former Executive Director, The Foundation

1879 Birth of Grace Anna Goodhue, Burlington, VT
Parents: Lemira Barrett and Andrew I. Goodhue
1895 Grace joined the College Street Church, Burlington, VT.
1897 Grace graduated from Burlington High School.
1902 Grace graduated from the University of Vermont and she begins training at the Clarke School for the Deaf in Northampton, MA to teach deaf children by the oral method.
Spring, 1904 Grace meets Calvin Coolidge, a young Northampton lawyer from Plymouth, VT.
Oct. 4, 1905 Grace Anna Goodhue marries Calvin Coolidge.
Sept. 7, 1906 John Coolidge is born in Northampton to the couple.
Apr. 13, 1908 Calvin Jr. is born to the couple.
1918 Calvin Coolidge is elected governor of MA and the couple spends more time in Boston at the State House.
1920 Calvin Coolidge is notified that he in the nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President, they will move to the Hotel Willard in Washington, DC in March of 1921 with the victory.
Aug. 3, 1923 Calvin Coolidge is sworn in as President by his father upon the death of Warren Harding. The Coolidges return to Washington as President and First Lady.
1924 In June Calvin is nominated to run in his own right for President. On July 7, their son, Calvin Jr. dies from blood poisoning from an infected blister.
Mar. 4, 1929 Coolidges return to Northampton and Herbert Hoover is the next US President; Grace receives an honorary degree from Smith College, their son John marries Florence Trumbull, daughter of the Governor of Connecticut.
1930 Grace receives an honorary degree from the University of Vermont.
Jan. 5, 1933 Calvin Coolidge dies.
1930’s Grace sells the Beeches and builds Road Forks, a new home, in Northampton. She serves on the boards of Mercersburg Academy and Clark School for the Deaf. She is a member of a Northampton Committee to rescue Jewish Children.
1940’s Grace is a volunteer in Northampton during the war and loans her house to the Waves for many years.
1956 She and her son give the Homestead to the State of Vermont.
July 8, 1957 Grace Coolidge dies in Northampton and is buried beside her son and husband in Plymouth, VT.