Coolidge Foundation Reimbursement Submission

To submit your reimbursement report, please complete the following steps and submit the below form. You will need a copy of each receipt for every charge that you are requesting a reimbursement for. Please ensure that all receipts include dollar amounts, dates, and what the payment was for. Airfare should include the locations traveling to and from. You will also need to complete our Microsoft Excel reimbursement form. All files must be submitted as a single PDF (the form will not accept other file types or formats). We recommend doing this from a computer rather than a smartphone. If we have any questions or notice any problems with your reimbursement, we will be in contact.

Instructions for submitting a reimbursement report:

  1. First, access the reimbursement form at this link and download the file to Excel (Go to: File > Download > Microsoft Excel). In Excel, “Enable Editing” and fill out the Excel sheet for each charge for which you are requesting a reimbursement. Save the Excel sheet as a PDF, making sure that all of the information that you input into the Excel file is visible on a single PDF page. You may need to adjust the size of the rows or columns or simplify the wording of the descriptions.
  2. Next, compile receipts for each charge for which you are requesting a reimbursement in PDF format. If you need to convert these from other file types to PDF format, there are a number of free online options. One such option is available here:
    1. Note: you may also choose to print your receipts and scan them together into one pdf file to be uploaded below.
  3. Once you have converted your receipts and Excel file into PDF format, use a PDF file merger technology to merge your Excel file and the accompanying receipts into one file. When you merge files, please start with the Excel file as the cover page on the top. This should be followed by the receipts for each individual expense in the same order that they appear on the Excel file. This will help us to review your report promptly. Many PDF merging options are available for free online. We recommend using Adobe:
  4. Finally, upload your merged file with the Excel sheet and all of your receipts using the form below. If your file does not match the requested format, we may ask you to submit again.

Note for those driving: reimbursement is based on mileage for a car a that you own, not gas station receipts. The standard mileage reimbursement was increased from 65.5 to 67 cents per mile driven on January 1, 2024. If you are driving a rental you will be reimbursed based on your gas purchases (remember to save your gas station receipts) and rental car cost.

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    Please see upload instructions above.