Calvin Coolidge Says, April 21, 1931

December 3, 2020

Date: April 21, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) It would be easier to determine who should go to college if the purpose of a college education first were decided. If it be conceded that the purpose is merely to train sufficient leaders in thought for the professions and statecraft then the number should […]

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Proclamation, September 26, 1923

December 1, 2020

Purpose: To establish National Education Week Date: September 26, 1923 (Original document available here) FROM its earliest beginnings, America has been devoted to the cause of education. This country was founded on the ideal of ministering to the individual. It was realized that this must be done by the institutions of religion and government. In order […]

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Proclamation, November 14, 1924

November 12, 2020

Purpose: To Defend the Need for an Educated Public Date: November 14, 1924 (Original document available here) Education for the children of all the people, extending from the primary grades through the university, constitutes America’s noblest contribution to civilization. No child or youth in the United States need be deprived of the benefits of education suited […]

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Fifth Annual Message

October 29, 2020

Title: Fifth Annual Message Date: December 6, 1927 Location: Washington D.C. Context: Speech on the state of the union in most aspects, highlighting tax reduction, national defense, American Indians, prohibition, and others Members of the Congress: It is gratifying to report that for the fourth consecutive year the state of the Union in general is […]

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Speech at Tremont Temple

September 18, 2020

Title: Speech at Tremont Temple Date: November 1, 1919 Location: Boston, MA Context: Coolidge discusses government authority, order, education, and the law Revelation has not ceased. The strength of a righteous cause not grown less. The people of Massachusetts are patriotic before they are partisan, they are not for men but for measures, not for […]

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