Calvin Coolidge Says, October 17, 1930

February 1, 2021

Date: October 17, 1930 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) If some current statements are to be taken seriously we are expecting too much from free government. Notwithstanding the excellent practice of voting our ideals, nevertheless we have a representative government that must necessarily be about what we ourselves are. We demand entire freedom […]

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Calvin Coolidge Says, February 10, 1931

December 28, 2020

Date: February 10, 1931 Location: Northampton, MA (Original document available here) Recent news from Europe is of an encouraging nature. After being suspended for several years the freedom of the press and other constitutional rights have now been restored in Spain and general parliamentary elections have been ordered. Instead of trial by battle and reform by […]

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At the Home of Daniel Webster

August 4, 2020

Title: At the Home of Daniel Webster Date: July 4, 1916 Location: Marshfield, MA Context: Coolidge delivers a speech on the promise of 1776 and the legacy of the Declaration of Independence. Furthermore, he recounts the progress of the nation in living up to the Jeffersonian ideals of its inception History is revelation. It is […]

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