Press Conference, January 4, 1924

September 25, 2020

Date: January 4, 1924 Location: Washington, DC (Original document available here) Here is an inquiry about the appropriation for better Coast Guard defences, involving the giving of motor boats to the Coast Guard for their use, and the inquiry asks whether General Lord has expressed any disapproval of this. No, he hasn’t expressed any disapproval […]

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Press Conference, August 28, 1928

August 25, 2020

Date: August 28, 1928 Location: Superior, WI. (Original document available here) I saw a headline in regard to what General Lord had said about the prospects of the Government finances showing a deficit of $94,000,000 for the current fiscal year. That has very little to do with the present budget. That result will come about […]

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Press Conference, August 12, 1927

August 13, 2020

Date: August 12, 1927 Location: Rapid City, SD It would be my opinion that the newsreels of the various agencies do perform a very important function in keeping the American people informed about current events. It states here that half the population of the. United States see the reels weekly. We see quite a number […]

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Press Conference, August 13, 1926

July 23, 2020

Date: August 13, 1926 Location: White Pine Camp – Paul Smiths, NY (Original document available here) Mr. Hoover and I didn’t discuss to any extent the possibilities of the development of commercial aviation. The immediate question before the Department is the carrying out of the provisions recently enacted into law. It has mostly to do […]

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