We’re All in the Same Boat Now: Coolidge on Immigration

February 19, 2016

Immigration has been a hot button issue in the presidential campaign this year, on both sides of the aisle. Our country is confronting this issue with many of the same hopes and fears that have colored our discourse on immigration from the earliest days of the republic. How much control should the Federal Government have over those who enter our labor market from abroad? What impact does increased immigration have on low-skill American workers? Will a massive wave of new immigrants imperil our Anglo-American constitutional traditions? On Tuesday, 23 February, high school students from the Salisbury School in Connecticut will debate immigration here at Plymouth Notch. Previous generations confronted these questions just as we do. It is useful to explore past approaches to guide our consideration of these issues today.

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President Obama is Going to Cuba. Find Out What Happened the Last Time an American President Visited the Island

February 18, 2016

On February 18, 2016 it was announced that President Barack Obama will visit Cuba. This trip will make him the first sitting U.S. president to visit the island since President Calvin Coolidge went in January 1928. This lecture about Coolidge’s Cuba excursion was given by Coolidge Foundation program associate Rushad Thomas on Presidents’ Day Weekend 2015.

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Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge: the Story of the 1924 Presidential Election

February 17, 2016

Calvin Coolidge, the Puritan in Babylon, the Scrooge Who Begat Plenty, the Great Refrainer, Silent Cal. We know him by all these names. But there’s one name we rarely consider when it comes to Silent Cal: Electoral Juggernaut! This is astonishing when you consider the fact that he probably won more elections, at every level of government, than any president in American history. Yet Coolidge is often remembered only for being silent. While presidential brevity is something of a lost art, for which Coolidge can be commended, we must not forget that Coolidge was a politician who stood for election, and had to convince people to vote for him, just like politicians have done for centuries. The 1924 presidential election campaign, the last which Coolidge would fight in his life, was no different, and the story of that fascinating election sheds a great deal of light on the man Calvin Coolidge was. We will explore the story of the 1924 presidential campaign today, and hopefully draw some lessons from a tremendously interesting moment in presidential election politics.

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The Coolidge Cup Comes to New York

February 11, 2016

On Saturday, February 6 the Coolidge Foundation partnered with the New York City Urban Debate League to sponsor the first Coolidge Cup Invitational. More than 400 New York City debaters converged on Bronx Science and Bronx Collaborative High Schools for this day of contest. Students debated whether or not the federal government should implement a carbon tax. The day began with a seminar and mock debate led by Dr. Ike Brannon. Dr. Brannon is president of the consulting firm Capital Policy Analytics and head of the Savings and Retirement Foundation. He has worked on Capitol Hill in a number of capacities, including as chief economist for the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Dr. Brannon explained a number of tax-related concepts to the students, including how taxes can be used to discourage people from purchasing taxed items. We were very grateful to have him join us for the event.

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Calvin Coolidge: the Best President You Don’t Know

February 3, 2016

Americans today place enormous pressure on presidents to “do something”…anything, to get the economy going. There was one president, though, Calvin Coolidge, who did “nothing” — other than shrink government. What happened? America’s economy boomed. Is there a lesson to be learned? Award-winning author, historian, and biographer Amity Shlaes thinks so.

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