The Coolidge Cup

2019 Coolidge Cup championship round debaters Ezra Schrader (left) and Joshua Anumolu (right)


The Coolidge Cup is a national invitational speech and debate tournament sponsored by the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation. It is held in President Coolidge’s historic hometown of Plymouth, Vermont, and takes place each year during the week of the Fourth of July. More than $15,000 in scholarship prize money is awarded to the top finishers. We are pleased to say that the 2022 Coolidge Cup will be happening in person this year in Vermont. The competition days are July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. (Competitors should treat July 1st and 5th as travel days.)

Looking for the final schedule? Download the final schedule here.

How to Qualify

To compete in the Coolidge Cup, students must qualify in either declamation or debate through various Coolidge Cup qualifier competitions held across the country. See the list of qualifying methods for details. Exactly 8 students will compete in declamation at the Coolidge Cup, and approximately 80 students will compete in debate at the Coolidge Cup. To be eligible in either event, all Coolidge Cup competitors must be in grades 9-12 during the 2021-2022 academic year.


More than $15,000 in scholarship prizes will be awarded at the 2022 Coolidge Cup.

For declamation, the prize structure is as follows: 1st Place $1,000; 2nd Place $750; 3rd Place $500; 4th Place $250. The top 4 finishers in declamation will each receive a trophy. All declamation competitors will receive our Coolidge Cup leather notebook.

For debate, the prize structure is as follows: 1st Place $5,000; 2nd Place $4,000; 2 Semi-Finalists $1,000 each; 4 Quarter-Finalists $500 each. The top 8 finishers in debate will each receive a trophy. All octofinalists (the top 16) will receive our Coolidge Cup leather notebook and an automatic invitation to next year’s Coolidge Cup tournament.


For declamation, each student will declaim multiple speech excerpts from speeches by President Coolidge. Some of these declamations will be delivered in front of a small panel of judges, and some will be delivered in front of judges and peers at one of our larger assemblies. Students will be scored at each of these, and ranked based on their cumulative scores.

For debate, competitors will compete in four preliminary rounds. The top 32 competitors will then move on to the elimination portion of the tournament, eventually ending in a championship round.

Speech Packet (for Declaimers), and Resolution & Research Brief (for Debaters)

The Official 2022 Coolidge Cup Speech Packet for declamation competitors is 2022 Coolidge Cup Speech Packet.

For debaters, the resolution for the 2022 Coolidge Cup is:

Resolved: The mandate of the Federal Reserve should be amended to pursue price stability only, rather than to pursue price stability and full employment.

The 2022 Coolidge Cup research brief is available here. The brief is intended to help you in your preparation. You are encouraged to use this brief to help orient you to the topic, but you are not limited to the evidence or arguments contained in the brief.

Volunteer to Judge at the Coolidge Cup

The Coolidge Foundation highly values the idea of the “citizen judge,” as we believe that good speech and debate should be aimed at making a logical case that any person can understand. Volunteer judges do not need any prior experience in speech, debate, or judging. If you are interested in judging, take a look at our Information for Judges. We will provide all the judge training you need. If you are interested in judging, please Register to Judge.

Competitors are not obligated to provide a certain number of judges. However, if your coach or family member is joining you at the Coolidge Cup and is interested in judging, he or she can indicate that they would like to judge using the registration link above.


Register for the Coolidge Cup

If you have received and accepted an invitation from the Coolidge Foundation to compete in the 2022 Coolidge Cup, then please go ahead and complete the registration form below. Your registration is extremely important to our planning, and it is required in order to secure your spot. If you accept your invitation at the time when you earn it, but fail to register by the time we close the registration form on Sunday, June 5, then you will not be able to compete at the Coolidge Cup.

Registration is now closed for the 2022 Coolidge Cup.


2018 Coolidge Cup winners with Robert L. Luddy, Maria Luddy, Ben Voth, and Jared Rhoads