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Calvin Coolidge

Visit the Library of Congress Prosperity and Thrift

Visit the State of Vermont Historic Site

Visit Coolidge on Wikipedia

Visit the White House-Calvin Coolidge

Visit the Forbes Library-Calvin Coolidge Collection

Visit The Vermont Standard

Visit the University of Vermont (search ‘Calvin Coolidge’)

Visit the Vermont Historical Society (search ‘Coolidge, Calvin’)

Visit the Black River Academy

Visit author Hendrik Booraem V.

Visit Prof. Ferraro’s article, Calvin Coolidge: Intervention in Nicaragua

Visit the University of South Carolina Newsfilm Library

Visit Kai’s Blog

Visit Jim Cooke, Coolidge impersonator


Coolidge Photos

Visit the Library of Congress

Visit the Forbes Library

Visit the Black River Academy Museum


Grace G. Coolidge

Visit the White House Website-Grace

Visit the First Ladies Library


Presidential Libraries and Studies

Learn about Thomas Jefferson

Visit the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library

Learn about Warren G. Harding

Learn about Herbert C. Hoover

Learn about Franklin D. Roosevelt

Learn about Harry S. Truman

Learn about Dwight D. Eisenhower

Learn about John F. Kennedy

Learn about Gerald R. Ford

Learn about Ronald Reagan


Other Presidential Research Sources

Visit the Library of Congress Research Collection

Visit Hildene, Historic summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln in Manchester

Visit the Miller Center for Public Affairs

Visit the The American Presidency Project

Visit the American Leaders Speak

Visit the National Archives

Visit Michigan State University

Visit Teaching American History

Visit the Major Trials