Press Conference, April 13, 1926

Date: April 13, 1926

Location: Washington, D.C.

(Original document available here)

Nothing has come to me in relation to some financial difficulties in Cuba, other than what I have seen in the press, so I don’t know of anything that is contemplated in relation to that situation on the part of our Government. If anything is being done, I should presume it is being done through the Federal Reserve Board. I am not certain whether it would be a matter in which they could properly take any action or not. It doesn’t occur to me that there would be any other avenue of action. I don’t know of any direct action that they could take in relation to it. They might make some suggestions to be carried out indirectly.

I haven’t any definite plans yet about my vacation. I have to be up in Philadelphia the 4th or 5th of July. I imagine that it wouldn’t be possible for me toget away before that time, though I am not sure just what my engagements may be for June. There is the meeting of the Government Business Organization which we have twice a year, usually at the very latter part of June. I think you will recall that I stayed for that last year and went away the next day. It is my recollection that it came on the evening of the 22nd and I left on the 23rd. Of course it would be barely possible that I might be in some locality that would be practically as accessible to Philadelphia as Washington is, so that I could go away before going to Philadelphia; but I should think that that would be somewhat improbable. I have had a good many different invitations to spend my vacation in different localities over the country. It is taking some time to investigate them. I expect to appoint the members of the Railroad Labor Board to fill the positions that become vacant on the 15th. I have the recommendations of the Railroad operators but I think the recommendations from the Railroad employees have not been filed with me, though I had spoken to Mr. Richberg about having that done, and he said he didn’t know whether they would file any names or whether they would let it go by default. So I have waited to see what action they want to take. If I find out what action they want to take I shall probably make the appointments today; if not, tomorrow or next day, as I understand the offices become vacant at the expiration of the term.

I haven’t any very definite information about the negotiations that are going on between the representatives of Peru and Chile, because the offer of good offices on the part of this Government doesn’t technically or practically include the action of the President. It is something that is carried on by the State Department and I know Mr. Kellogg is conferring with the parties in interest and I understand from him that they are making progress and expects that they will be able to reach some solution.

Mr. Mellon is looking after the bill in relation to the German claims and the return of alien property. He spoke to me about it this morning. It is one of the bills that his Department is especially interested in and which we hope may be taken up and disposed of at the present session. I want to issue warning again that of course that isn’t the only bill that we expect to have disposed of. There wasn’t anything that came up in the Cabinet meeting this morning of any public consequence.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents 

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