Press Conference, April 13, 1928

Date: April 13, 1928

Location: Washington, D.C.

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I think I knew about the letter sent by the Speaker of the House and the President of the Puerto Rican Senate to the resident Puerto Rican Commissioner here. That is apparently a matter between them and not a matter that requires any comment by me.

There isn’t any particular change in mother Goodhue’s condition. Just at present she is rather more comfortable, so that my wife thought it would be safe for her to return to Washington.

I haven’t had any special conference with Speaker Longworth relative to the flood control measure. I had him and some other members of the House in one morning and talked with them about the bill. I understand they are trying to work out something on it in accordance with my views.

I have some speaking engagements. On the 15th, that is Sunday, I accept a statue of Andrew Jackson in the Hall of Fame, and on the 16th I speak before the Daughters of the American Revolution. On the 23rd, I broadcast the Forest Week proclamation. I think that comes in the evening, doesn’t it, Mr. Sanders?

Mr. Sanders: Yes, sir.

President: On the 28th I am expecting to speak at the Gridiron dinner. On the 15th of May I expect to visit St. Johns College at Annapolis. I am not going to speak there. My mission will be visitory and not oratory. The 18th and 19th of May the Phillips Andover Academy at Andover, Massachusetts is celebrating its l50th anniversary. They have invited me to come up there at that time. Probably, if I go, it will be on the 18th. On the 30th of May will be the annual address, which I am very much inclined this year to make at Gettysburg, instead of at Arlington, though that has not been decided. Probably on the 11th of June is the business meeting of the Government. It comes early in the evening and will be broadcasted. And on the 9th to the 11th the Dutch Reformed Church is celebrating its 300th anniversary in the City of New York. Representatives of that church have called on me several times. They were in the other day accompanied by former Senator Frelinghuysen, who has been very urgent to have me take some part in the observance of that 300th anniversary. I have that under consideration. I haven’t made any decision about it. Of course, my going to Andover is more or less uncertain, but I want very much to go up there.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

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