Press Conference, July 10, 1928

Date: July 10, 1928

Location: Superior, WI

(Original document available here)

There are quite a good many people in general under consideration for Secretary of Interior and Secretary of Commerce, but nobody in particular. I don’t know just when I shall accept Secretary Work’s resignation. Secretary Hoover’s resignation, which was given out t e other day, has been received and will be accepted. Just what date, I don’t know yet.

I haven’t definitely accepted, as I said the other day, the invitation to go to Cannon Falls on July 29th. I would like to go over to Minnesota some time when I am here, and that seems to be an agreeable time and an interesting occasion, so that I think I may go, but haven’t finally decided. If I do go, I shall go by train, so members of the press here that might want to go with me will have accommodations of that kind.

I do not think that at the present time I have any intimations from members of the Cabinet or members of the House and the Senate that they will visit me here, but of course there will be visits of that kind running through the summer.

Question: When do you expect General Lord?

President: Well, I am not sure when he comes. I should think some time around the first of August. The estimates come in from the Departments on the 15th of July and they will have to be gone over by him, but I should suppose it couldn’t be earlier than the 1st of August and it might run on to the 15th.

I have commuted the sentence of Malcolm Howard, a colored man that was sentenced to be executed in the District of Columbia, to life imprisonment in some penitentiary to be designated by the Attorney General.

I am rather expecting to attend the opening of the Head of the Lakes Baseball Tournament on July 26th. I have an invitation to go and participate by throwing out the first ball.

Question: Where is it, Mr. President?

President: Here in Superior.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of Mitch Rushing who prepared this document for digital publication.

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