Press Conference, October 12, 1926

Date: October 12, 1926

Location: Washington, D.C.

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Bishop McDowell and Bishop Miller were in yesterday – came in to pay their respects. Bishop Miller has been in Mexico in the past, but he hasn’t been there for quite a number of months. He said his information was that his denomination, which is the Methodist, is receiving the same treatment there that was extended to other denominations.

Nothing has developed about another member of the Trade Commission. The Commissioner from Iowa was in yesterday. What is his name?

Press: Mr. Hunt.

President: He talked with me about the work of the Commission. He is the Acting Chairman at the present time. He said the work was going on very well.

I haven’t had any report from the Committee that I appointed to do what they could about the cotton situation. I think they have made some preliminary surveys and I believe were to have some meeting this morning after the Cabinet.

Governor Nestos has not been in yet. I think he is coming in after the conference.

Mr. Sanders: 12:15.

President: The schedule says he is coming in to pay his respects.

I have signed the approval of the Owyhee River irrigation project. It will cost according to the estimates $17,715,000,000. It includes about 104,000 acres of land to be irrigated in the states of Idaho and Oregon. I am not certain whether an appropriation is required by the Congress, I think it is, out of the irrigation money to start this project and carry it on. But as I understand it, such a proposition would not be made until the project was first recommended to me by the Secretary of Interior and then approved by my order. I think this is a project that the states of Idaho and Oregon have been quite a little interested in. The Secretary of Interior said that they have been telegraphing him to find out what action had been taken.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of John Sullivan III who prepared this document for digital publication.

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