Press Conference, September 4, 1928

Date: September 4, 1928

Location: Superior, WI.

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No time has been set yet for my return to Washington, but I expect to return very soon. And I would like to caution the conference not to print the date of the return. I wish you would observe that caution. It has usually been observed. I think it wasn’t when I started to come up here, but I wish very much that you would.

Question: In that connection, for our own information, have you any idea how long you will remain in Washington before you go to New England?

President: I haven’t made any plan about that. If I go up there, I should think it would be soon.

Question: In that same week?

President: Not that same week, but within a week or ten days.

I do not intend to go to the State Convention of the Illinois American Legion. The only State Convention that I have attended since I have been President, of course I have been invited to almost all of them, is the one down here in Wisconsin. I wanted to show my appreciation of the hospitality of the State by making some acknowledgment while I was here. Also the speech in Minnesota. That is why I made those two addresses.

My son John has no definite future plans. He has started for home and will look for employment. He hasn’t taken any yet. He doesn’t hold any public position. It might be just as well for him if all his goings and comings were not published in the press.

Senator Schall came in to pay his respects while I was up here. He had no particular errand. I do not know whether the press has had a chance to see him. Did you see him?

Mr. Young: I had a brief talk with him and I understood him to say he was supporting Mr. Hoover and predicted his election.

President: Well, I understand that is so. But his errand here seemed to be one of courtesy and to express his thanks for the consideration that I had given him in the performance of his duties in Washington.

I didn’t receive any definite reports about things from Secretary Davis of the War Department. He said he had a very interesting and he thought profitable journey to Honoluly. He reported that conditions out there appear to be very good. Mr. Meyer stayed over night and then went down to Minneapolis. He is making a visit out here and an inspection to keep in touch with the farm banks of this region, and he reported to me that the farm banks were making very commendable progress. There is a call for some more money. The banks are making plans to furnish further financing for agriculture and those banks that he found were not in so good condition as he thought they ought to be when he took office are gradually getting back into better shape. I think the press already knows that I am expecting to attend the Fair tomorrow, isn’t it Mr. Sanders?

Mr. Sanders: Yes, tomorrow afternoon about 2:00 o’clock.

President: And I believe the newspaper men and picture men are coming out to the Lodge tomorrow morning. It may be a little wet out there in the dew. You better bring some rubbers along with you to keep dry, if you are coming out early in the morning.

Mr. Young: 8:30.

President: Yes.

Mr. Young: It isn’t likely you will say anything tomorrow at the Fair?

President: No. I am just going as an exhibit.

Press: Did you see the advertisement of the Mayor, which had that import?

President: No, I didn’t see that. Well, if anybody goes and buys a ticket on that account they will have to take it up with the Mayor to see whether he secured money on false pretenses. I like to go to fairs. I enjoyed them very much when I was a boy at home. I enjoy it very much more when I don’t have to make a speech.

Press: Where did they hold them up there? At Rutland?

President: At Woodstock. They had fairs at Rutland, but we seldom went there. There is a very old agricultural association at Woodstock which has been in existence for a great many years, a very mature organization. They have a large fair grounds and I went there.

Press: Ludlow didn’t have a fair?

President: No, they didn’t have a fair there. They had desultory attempts at it, but didn’t have any regular fair there. But Woodstock always had a fair. That was the Windsor County organization.

Press: Did you ever exhibit any?

President: No.

Citation: Calvin Coolidge: Remarks by the President to Newspaper Correspondents

The Coolidge Foundation gratefully acknowledges the volunteer efforts of J Mitchell Rushing who prepared this document for digital publication.

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